Sara reached out to me over email and said was a fashion student working on her final project. She wanted to ask me a couple of questions about my line of handmade perfumes and especially my Alice in Wonderland fragrance. What made you choose Alice for your fragrance? Why those notes and not any other? Are your scents meant to express the essence of those literary characters or is it rather a fragrance they would wear themselves? She wanted to know it all.  It’s fair to say that even those of us who don’t like talking about ourselves (*raises hand*) rarely turn down a chance to talk about our art, craft or creative process, so of course I wrote back and answered her questions. She was happy with my reply and mentioned that this article she was working on might be used in a online or print publication, but didn’t divulge any further details.

It turns out that I was talking to a budding talent within the field of fashion journalism. Sara Hesikova writes for Glass Magazine and Alvar Magazine Limited, graduating from London College of Fashion this year. Even more excitingly, she is a contributor to Ascento, a brand-new quarterly print magazine that discusses the world of perfume within the broader context of other parts of culture. This, of course, is music to my ears! I’ve always felt that fragrances don’t exist in the cultural vacuum. Rather, they are an organic extension of our culture, a place to explore and express within. Ascento magazine is young but very promising, and I am over the moon that Sara chose to start the conversation about the connection of perfume and culture in her article for this publication.

You can read Sara’s thoughts about the featured Alice in Wonderland perfume in the print version of Magazine of Ascento Magazine as well as here. I look forward to reading more on the subject in the weeks to come!

Alice In Wonderland Perfume

“Alice In Wonderland was particularly nice to try and evoke in a fragrance as she’s fun and adventurous but also so sensible and has a good heart.”