Those of you who know me personally, also know that I am a huge language nerd and that I love notice little things about words. My recent discovery of this kind was the fact that the word “month” is actually a “moon-th”, if you will. That is, it is directly related to the moon, and signifies the amount of time it takes for this celestial body to grow, become full, and then wane. Our ancestors were a lot more attuned to these things, and I’m overcome with a sense of wonder about that time in history when I notice this heirloom vocabulary still very much in circulation today. It’s still there, just covered with a thin film of oblivious usage.
I’ve been reconnecting with this heritage, still richly present in our everyday words, and paying special attention to moon names, discovering their variations, ranging from traditional to pagan to Native American. This year we have an early Harvest Moon – I say early because it varies and can fall on September OR October, depending on which moon is closer to autumnal equinox. This year it’s on September 23rd, and the closest full moon to it is the Harvest Moon, also a supermoon. It will be observable this coming Monday and Tuesday, September 8th and 9th, in the Northern Hemisphere. 
Tradtitionally, the Harvest Moon is called so because it is the time to collect and enjoy the fruits of your labor – both figuratively and literally. This year was the first year we planted things in the garden, and we’ve been enjoying picking fresh zuchinis, tomatoes, peas, beans and berries; while most our pumpkins and squashes are still ripening. 
I was born in the fall and I’ve always regarded it as a special time in my life – a time to stop, reflect, meditate, notice the foliage, appreciate the beauty of shorter days, think about another year of my life accomplished. Since starting paying closer attention to the moons, I’ve felt the need to extend that to all those who make it possible for me to enjoy the fruits of my labor in business: I started including a special gratitude coupon in every outgoing parcel, and it’s always inspired by a current moon or the one coming next. 
I am filled with the sense of wonder about observing this year’s Harvest Supermoon, in just a few days’ time. In the spirit of giving, I’m offering a special code SUPERMOON for all of you to enjoy – it entitles you to 25% off everything in both shops. Just as the supermoon will wane, so will the code – it’s valid through September 10th. 
I’m feeling grateful to all of you who make this journey in making things for my apothecary possible, and sending you vibes of abundance and joy.


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