Imagine this: you come across an interesting soap blog or video. It is all great up until they get to the coloring part. And then they say they use artificial dyes in their soap. Poof – I feel deflated. You go to the trouble of making handmade soap with natural ingredients, only to color it with something artificial.

Early into my soapmaking, I decided that MY soap was going to be as natural, gentle and skin-loving as possible. Maybe it’s because I am vegan, and tend to pay attention to what’s going onto my body as well as into it. Or maybe it’s because of my background in the beauty industry and skincare, where I was made only too aware of how many people develop intolerance to fragrances, colorants and preservatives.

Regardless of how it came to be, I only add good stuff to the soaps I make. Clays are so fun to play with: like French Green Clay, or French Pink. The former is an excellent detoxifying agent for oily skin types, the latter – for dry, sensitive or mature. Both improve blood circulation, absorb oil and toxins and are rich in trace elements.