Holiday season is in full swing, and I hope that everybody is finding their piece of magic during this dark and cozy time of the year. Last week, my husband and I unexpectedly found ourselves at the traditional Bavarian Christmas Market in the middle of London. I am not a huge fan of Christmas, but even I found my breath taken away: the open fire stalls, the fairy lights and the lanterns, the heart-shaped Lebkuchens and the filigree hand-cut wooden ornaments, and even more fairy lights. No red and green garishness, no snowmen or Santa Claus, just the quiet old Europe fairy tale that makes you turn within and listen.

While this is a busy time of the year for people, everything else in nature tends to hibernate and conserve energy for the new spring that has yet to come. This year, I decided to stay in tune with natural rhythms as much as possible, which also affected my choices of gifts for my family and loved ones. I was never one to participate in the crazy and unsustainable over-consumption that seems to be the motto of the holiday season in the western world. But this year, I deliberately  chose my presents to be either dedicated charitable donations, or handmade gifts I personally created.

I’m wishing you a wonderful and peaceful holiday season, filled with love and light.