When I posted a picture of my newly launched beard oils on Instagram, an old friend of mine reacted immediately with a question: “What’s a beard oil for? Does it make them darn things softer?” That made me laugh but in essence she was exactly right: the purpose of a beard oil is to give one’s facial mane softness and manageability, as well as promote healthy skin and hair growth.

Beard oils are a relatively new phenomenon, or at least one that entered both the mainstream and handmade market fairly recently. The year of 2013 saw a huge spike in searches for beard oils, as beards grew in popularity yet again in the course of human history.

As a result there is a mind-boggling amount of beard care products out there available to buy. One man took it upon himself to make sense of them all, and created Best Beard Oil Info website just for that. Robert Brush posts comprehensive and very detailed reviews of beard oils he comes in contact with, and although it’s a relatively new project, it’s gaining followers and popularity very quickly. He recently got a hold of and reviewed our Vetiver and Black Pepper beard oil and gave it a solid score of 89 – the highest in his experience so far.

Here’s a snippet:

“Vibrant, tangy pepper scents dance in amongst deeper, more serious notes in an ever changing sensual waltz. I was transported to crowded little antique shops selling ancient wonders with mythical qualities. Books containing secrets of ancient intelligence are stacked around me and my beard was freely imbued with this knowledge.

This is a scent for a serious man, with a serious mind.”

Read more and find your perfect beard oil to use or to gift here.

Beard oils by Ravenscourt Apothecary

Beard oils by Ravenscourt Apothecary