Organic Floral Toners: Rose, Lavender and Orange Blossom

Skincare essential, often overlooked

Toners are probably one of the most underrated skincare products: many people still don’t really know what they are for, as opposed to cleansers and moisturizers. If that’s you, I can safely say that once you’ve tried a good toner, you’ll wonder why you never thought much of them before! Toners do really impressive things for the skin:  they remove any residue of your cleanser, prepare your skin for the following moisturizer, tighten the pores and boost moisture levels of your skin. You will find that you need to use less lotion, too, as it will spread better.

People with very dry, oily or problem skin will benefit the most from adding a toner into their skincare regimen. A well-chosen toner will help rehydrate your skin if it’s too dry, and will shrink your pores and help regulate oil production if it’s oily. While I am a big fan of eliminating unnecessary steps and products, a good toner is essential and can help transform the way you look at skincare, even if you’ve never seen the point in using it before.

Natural is best

So what makes a good toner, and are there any natural options? First of all, a toner needs to respect your skin and not cause any irritation. I would advise against using anything with a high alcohol content, even if you’re looking for an effective astringent toner. A good toner is gentle on your skin and does not dry it out, something particularly important to remember if you have oily skin and would like for it to be less so. Alcohol tends to be too aggressive, and too often the result is a skin that is both dried out, peeling and too oily at the same time. Basically, producing more oil is the only way your skin knows how to rehydrate itself, so sebum production goes into overdrive.

As far as natural options go, I can safely recommend two: floral and mineral waters. Mineral waters usually come from a naturally occurring spring that carries water rich in minerals and trace elements. Floral waters, otherwise known as true hydrosols or distillates, are a by-product of essential oil distillation: they are what remains from that process of distilling plant essences. They have a multitude of health and cosmetic benefits and can usually be used on the skin as is, without any other additives.

New family of floral toners

Natural, pure organic ingredients without anything unnecessary: this was the concept behind our newly launched line of floral toners. Rose, lavender and orange blossom floral waters were chosen for their unique properties, each well suited for a certain skin type. Rosewater toner is particularly beneficial for normal to dry skin, as it helps restore water levels. Orange blossom water toner is a very mild but effective astringent for normal to oily skin. Finally, lavender water toner is an excellent all-rounder for balancing the skin, therefore suited for all skin types, including sensitive. Because of its strength as a raw material, it can only be used at 10%, so it was paired with organic rose geranium water, another hydrosol that ‘does it all’. All three of our floral toners have been enhanced by the addition of other pure and natural ingredients, such as witch hazel, cucumber extract and vitamin B3. All three respect the skin and are 98% organic.

What is your take on toners? Do you love them or are you unimpressed with them? Let me know in the comments below.